We assist our corporate clients in all phases of their development and activities, including general corporate legal matters and specific transactional assistance. We represent diverse range of corporations and individual entrepreneurs, advising them in all areas of law such as corporate governance, employment and shareholders’ agreements. For our clients, we establish new corporations or branches, assist when transferring the ownership thereof as well as advise on restructuring the existing corporations and their subsidiaries. 
We also offer Czech ready-made companies in cooperation with HRUBÝ & BUCHVALDEK Corporate Solutions, s.r.o.; see 

General Business

We represent our clients in variety of business and commercial transactions either of domestic or international character. Our practice is devoted not only to protecting our clients’ interests but to supporting and backing up their business intentions and plans from the legal perspective. We work closely with either the client’s tax and accounting experts or our own contacts in those fields in order to find the best solution for our clients. 

International Transactions

HRUBÝ & BUCHVALDEK is counsel to several large, medium and small companies for their international transactions and related operations. We represent our clients in structuring international acquisitions, joint ventures as well as in variety of commercial arrangements. We assist on the establishment of foreign and offshore operations, agency and distribution agreements and others. We represent clients investing in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Real Estate

HRUBÝ & BUCHVALDEK handles a wide range of matters involving immovable property (real estate) such as purchase and sale transactions, development, construction and leasing. In the past we were also involved in the restitution process. We counsel individual owners as well as corporate investors, lenders, developers, construction companies, real estate brokers and property management companies in the planning, construction and management of projects such as residential projects, shopping centers, office buildings, recreational and industrial properties. 

We negotiate and draft purchase, sale and construction agreements, coordinate due diligence activities. We deal with all matters connected with “green field” and "brown field" projects. 

We represent and advise both tenants and landlords involved in the leasing of their office space, residential premises and various business and industrial operations. 

Employment Law

We consider the employment issues to be an integral part of almost entrepreneurial activity, which have a very significant impact on the business endeavours of our clients. HRUBY & BUCHVALDEK assist the employers in all fields of employment law, draft employment (labour) contracts, non-compete covenants, internal rules of employment and remuneration. We represent our clients in employment litigation, negotiation with labour unions and in administrative proceedings started by regulatory and controlling bodies of the Czech Republic. 

We also represent employees, esp. managers when negotiating their contracts as well as defending them in case of unlawful dismissals. 

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